Talisman Pendant

As an apprentice I had the pleasure of witnessing this stone being cut by Erwin Springrunn,

the late master lapidary & goldsmith. His focus was to create beauty; he could have made three easily saleable stones from rough of this size, but Erwin’s only concern was to create the most beautiful piece possible. I remember enquiring about the price, he looked at me over his half-moon glasses & said ‘not yet Nigel, but in time’. Years later, I had the opportunity to see if I could take this stone to the next level, to develop a piece around it that does not take away from its beauty but enhances its legacy even further. 

Details: Central 69ct salmon pink morganite with 201 graduated champagne & white diamonds, embedded into an 18kt rose gold floral structure.  The collier’s links are woven in 18kt rose gold, each link set with a single navette diamond