Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take on commissions?

Yes, it’s a major part of my business, working one to one with clients so that we can create a one off piece of fine jewellery personalised for them.

Do you remake/remodel jewellery?

In certain circumstances we can remake/remodel  jewellery but this mainly depends on the condition of the client’s original stone(s). Contact the studio for more information.

Are your diamonds and gemstones ethically sourced?

All of our diamonds are conflict free and in compliance with United Nations resolutions and much of our coloured stones are purchased from the private collection of Erwin Springbrunn.

Of the four C’s (carat, colour, clarity, cut) which do you feel is most important?

For me the most important thing is the cut.

The correct cutting of a diamond is a mathematical equation. When the light enters the stone,  the angle of which the facets are cut create a prism and split the white light into its 7 different colours, causing the ‘fire’ and sparkle in a stone or diamond. If the cut is ignored, it doesn’t matter how high the grade of the colour, carat, clarity is;  your stone will look like a piece of glass. Certs are a good guideline, but the only true way of knowing how good a stone is, is by looking at it.