Armatura Ring

The client that commissioned this piece is a vivacious & outgoing fashion designer, her energy knows no bounds. Initially she chose the stone with me and trusted me to encapsulate her personality within the overall design. I knew she was going to wear it on her forefinger, a bold choice, that would command power. To encapsulate her urban ‘edge’ & energy, I wanted the sapphires to look like they were almost ‘spray-painted’ onto the rose gold, incorporating four different setting styles. The intricate honeycomb marquetry under the stone gives the viewer flashes of the depth & warmth which is also inherent in the wearer.

Details:Large central rare-faceted 16.49 tourmaline, cut by the late master goldsmith & lapidary Erwinn Springbrunn. Precision set with 382 sapphires set in 18kt rose gold with honeycombed undercarriage