I am driven by beauty, the beauty of the stone, beauty of my landscape in the West of Ireland, the rigorous beauty of my work. I find great satisfaction in the union between the piece and the woman who wears it. My work balances at a point of tension between innovative technology and natures own creation. When you are gifted something as rare as a gemstone it is your duty to realise its beauty… 
— Nigel O’Reilly

Nigel O’Reilly’s approach was forged by his exposure to excellence. Nigel started his professional life in engineering but his creativity moved him in the direction of jewellery. Following his formal training he worked closely with, and learned from, the late master goldsmith & gemstone cutter Erwin Springbrunn. Internationally recognised and highly influential, Springbrunn believed in the mystery and potential of each individual gemstone and carried each one on his person until he designed a piece that reflected its inherent qualities.

For me, the cut and colour of the stone is the starting point. I consider, understand, and then advance the potential of the gemstone. Much like Erwin, each piece is unique, from the stone itself to my treatment of it in design and execution.

Nigel O’Reilly has spent the past decade creating for some of the world’s most luxurious  jewellery houses. In 2009 he founded his studio in the West of Ireland. O’Reilly works only to technical perfection, using both innovative technology & ancient tradition to ensure that every angle of every piece is open to microscopic scrutiny.

Nigel O’Reilly’s work is defined by a bold use of colour and form and a passion for the advancement of design and creation of fine jewellery. His raw materials are magnificent stones and metals, his technical brilliance and the personal creative relationships with his clients some the world’s most discerning jewellery collectors.


The Studio


Mayo is one of the world’s most dramatic coastal landscapes, the wild & passionate edge of Europe that has inspired its own particular creative language.

Hidden away in a quiet lane, a discreet door opens onto a curving staircase which transports clients to Nigel O’Reilly’s studio. A personal library of books, jewels & inspirations adorn this modern oasis. Clients and guests are invited to sit and enjoy the open fire and linger in creative conversation. The secure space and intimate ambience allows diamonds & rare gemstones to be viewed closely and in the utmost privacy.

O’Reilly also travels to meet his international clients and holds annual private salons in New York and London.

Clients to the Mayo studio also have access to O’Reilly’s extensive rare gem collection and the jewellery studio, adjacent to the consultation room, where each piece is hand made by Nigel and his team.

What moves me is the wealth of colour available in all natural stones, I have access to some of the best in the world, I want to challenge myself and my client together and create beauty that hadn’t previously been imagined.